You will find immense dry snow, making skiing suitable at both resorts. However, if you are a beginner, Brighton is a better option, but you will get more options for accommodation in Solitude. In this comparison of Brighton Vs. Solitude, we have elaborated on all the noticeable facilities you must consider for your first visit.

Brighton Vs. Solitude - A Detailed Comparison

Located near Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, Brighton and Solitude are small ski resorts that are distant at only a seven-minute drive. For beginners to experience skiing with locals, Brighton is an ideal place with the best terrain. However, for intermediate to expert skiers, Solitude has many adventurous opportunities.

This is not easy to justify which is better, but a detailed comparison can help make a final decision.

Brighton Vs. Solitude - A Detailed Comparison

Skiing Experience

Brighton offers great terrain for ski lovers, especially beginners and intermediates. There are also some advanced-level terrains. You will find multiple options for trying tree skiing for the first time. The Millicent and Majestic areas in Brighton have ideal spaces for skiing.

There are 66 trails, fast-paced quad lifts, five terrain zones, and more than 1050 acres of area for skiing. Annually, 500 inches of snow falls in Brighton, mostly dry, fluffy, and light, to provide an excellent skiing experience.

If you want to enjoy skiing in a larger area, then the Majestic side is the best choice due to the extra terrain. At Milicent's side, you will find only a few trees but more playing areas for intermediate to advanced-level skiers.

Skiing Experience

Solitude is located at 30 minutes drive from Salt Lake City and is well-known for its massive location for families who love skiing. Beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers can enjoy canyons and chutes for a great skiing experience.

The total area is more than 1200 acres which cover almost eight chairlifts. At the same time, the SolBright run connects the Solitude with Brighton ski resort which provides additional 1050 acres of terrain. You can explore both places one after another.


Brighton has a great number of facilities for locals and visitors. There are almost 175 instructors in snowsports school to teach skiing tricks. Also, there are some rental shops where anyone can get gear or buy them. The great facility for night skiing is available at Brighton, where you can spend time from 4 pm to 9 pm skiing on 200 acres of lighted terrain.

Solitude has plenty of options for adventure if you are not interested in downhill skiing, such as Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. You will also find multiple workshops, clinics, and private lessons for skiing and snowshoeing tours.

One of the best facilities you get at Solitude is the mountain spa, where you can have a relaxing massage. The dining options are great in beautiful restaurants to provide delicious meals.

Transportation Services

Brighton is about 36 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport. You can use transportation to Brighton by any shuttle service provided by the companies at Salt Lake. Some buses also go there which can offer you a ride. You do not need a car if you have planned to stay at Brighton without leaving the resort. In case you stay somewhere outside of Brighton to explore the surrounding area, you can get a rental car.

You will need to drive for 40 minutes to reach Solitude from Salt Lake City. The shuttle services also offer a ride for Solitude, and some buses go through downtown covering 29 miles of distance. The same options are also for Solitude for renting a car when you live outside the resort, and there is no need for a car if you stay inside the resort.

Accommodation Options

Brighton has some lodging options at its base, while the nearby areas have better living space, such as Canyon or Solitude resort. Reading in Brighton lodge doesn’t require any travel needs via shuttle. You can see multiple rooms where families and couples can stay easily. However, Solitude has better and more accommodation options for visitors. Another option is to live outside Salt Lake City and visit back at Brighton.

Solitude, on the other hand, is considered best in terms of accommodation options for lodging. You will get ski-in and out options that aren’t far from Solitude. If you do not want to live in a resort, you can visit Cottonwood Heights, located 14 miles from Solitude, which has plenty of restaurants for better dining.

More Terrain & Snow

More Terrain & Snow

Brighton has a 700-foot elevation where you can find lots of good quality snow for snowshoeing. However, there isn’t much difference between Brighton's and Solitude's snow because both are closer. Solitude has slightly tracked up places, but snow isn’t the main problem. Many snowboarders visit Brighton more often, and it is one of the busiest resorts compared to Solitude.

But in terms of terrain, Solitude has a wide variety of terrain that is more challenging than Brighton. The terrain park at Brighton has some competitive properties and features, such as illumination at night. Also, you get a better tree skiing experience at Brighton.

Where Should You Go For the Next Trip - Brighton Vs. Solitude

It doesn’t matter which ski resort you select for your vacation trip; Brighton and Solitude both have great facilities and enjoyable options. These are the most favorite places for ski lovers. However, the prices at Solitude are higher compared to the crowds.

Where Should You Go For the Next Trip - Brighton Vs. Solitude

Along with skiing, you can also visit Canyon or both resorts with a MAX pass, which will provide complete guidance about alternate days for visiting all places. Though not so many extracurricular activities are available at these places, visiting once for a great experience is worth it. Also, for visiting both places, Utah regulations allow buying a pass which gives you access to both areas.

Final Thoughts

Summarizing which ski resort to visit between Brighton vs. Solitude, you have clear options. If you want to experience skiing for the first time, Brighton is more suitable because that offers great exploring space. However, if accommodation is your major concern, Solitude has multiple villages where you can get the best-staying options closer to the resort's base.

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