According to TSA, you can bring your Yeti cup on the plane if it is empty. However, if the security suspects any liquid in the Yeti cup, they will never allow you to bring it. There are only a few cases where this issue was raised just because the TSA workers didn’t know much about it. So, drink or dispose of a beverage from the cup before passing through the security checkpoints.

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Can You Take A Yeti Cup On A Plane Through Security Check

Yeti is an American manufacturer that provides insulated stainless steel thermoses, drinkware, and other accessories. Just like the thermos of any other brand, you can bring a Yeti cup on a plane with you as long as it is empty. The only concern here is the security checkpoint which restricts any liquid or beverage to bring before boarding. So you can drink all liquid before passing the security checkpoint and fill it again with water or coffee. Some airlines have strict rules for carrying certain luggage, which you can handle properly by double-checking everything.

Can You Take A Yeti Cup On A Plane in a Carry-on Bag

There is a lot of difference between taking a Yeti cup on a plane and carrying it through the security check. According to the liquids rule by TSA, your container should only contain less than 3.4 ounces on a flight inside a quart-size bag.

So, it further clarifies that you are allowed to bring empty Yeti cups inside carry-on bags when passing through the security check.

Can You Take A Yeti Cup On A Plane in a Carry-on Bag

However, you don’t need an empty cup on the plane. You can refill it once passed the security checkpoint. There are certain scenarios when it is permitted to bring Yeti cups on a plane, such as a breast milk, juice for infants, or medically approved fluid which is also necessary to bring.

You can also keep the Yeti cup in checked baggage without security. But in most cases, the items from checked luggage often go missing or are delivered late. There is also a chance of completely losing your stuff because it can be stolen.

TSA Rules & Regulations For Carrying Yeti Cups On A Plane

TSA or The Transportation Security Administration isn’t affiliated with any brand, which should keep your mind clear that there are only restrictions for bringing Yeti cups on flights. But the TSA doesn't approve any thermos or stainless steel water bottle to pass through security if it is filled with liquid.

It is clearly mentioned on their website that anyone can take an empty coffee thermos. Even many people shared their queries on different social media platforms to get a clearer response from TSA support.

TSA Rules & Regulations For Carrying Yeti Cups On A Plane

Under those queries, TSA answered that empty and insulated cups are allowed on a plane. TSA doesn’t specify any particular brand or water bottle; the only concerning point is liquid or any beverage in a thermos or bottle before boarding.

Some travelers also brought Ozark Trail metal tumblers and asked TSA if they could carry them on flights. So the TSA replied with a positive response in favor of taking empty metal tumblers are allowed.

Another query about the Aaron RTIC cup was raised, which is cheaper than Yeti is also allowed, and any insulated cup you can carry while flying in a plane.

Can You Bring A Yeti Water Bottle On A Plane

The same goes for Yeti water bottles you can bring without ice, water, or any liquid on a plane. Under the 3-1-1 Fluid rule, you cannot bring any liquid, cream, gel, or spray in a bottle with more than 3.4 ounces. Other care products such as toothpaste, shampoos, or other items have different regulations, and most aren’t permitted.

 Can You Bring A Yeti Water Bottle On A Plane

So a Yeti bottle can go through a security checkpoint only if it is empty, and you can fill it again at any nearby fountain or water resource. If your water bottle is frozen, you can carry it to security screening.

TSA does not allow a reusable stainless steel water bottle to take on an airplane; no specific rules justify it. You can bring it anywhere if your water bottle is empty.


Can you take an empty metal water bottle on a plane?

Bringing an empty metal water bottle on a plane isn’t prohibited. When passing through the security checkpoint, empty your water bottle and put it inside the bin for screening. After passing through security, you can refill it. But make sure your water bottle isn’t too large.

Can You take a travel mug on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a travel mug on the plane because it is small and lightweight. However, it can cause problems if you bring too many cups or glass mugs on the flight. Also, the mug should be empty doesn’t matter if it is a ceramic, Yeti, or plastic coffee mug.

Why isn’t it allowed to bring water on the plane?

According to TSA reports, there are cases of terrorist attack attempts that had taken place when someone brought liquid explosives (nitroglycerine) on the plane inside water bottles. Therefore, you can bring an empty water bottle on a plane and fill it with drinking water.


Summarizing can you take a Yeti cup on a plane? The simple answer is, yes, you can take a Yeti cup with you on the plane but make sure it doesn’t contain any liquid. There is nothing bad in having a personal go-to travel cup, but a filled cup might cause trouble to TSA when you pass through the security checkpoint.

If you face any difficulty or want surety about the whole scenario, you can reach out to AskTSA or their customer service.

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