If that is the case, we have you covered because here in this article, we will discuss everything you must know before packing for Florida.

Florida In February

Florida is one of the best escapes for the residents of cold climate areas looking for a winter getaway compared to most regions of the United States. Florida is cozy in February, especially on the South Coast beaches. February is one of the best times if you want to visit Florida because, in February, there is less humidity as compared to the summer.

February is considered one of the ideal times to visit Florida because the weather is mild, and you can enjoy sunny days on beaches. However, you may experience a little spike in flight and hotel rates because of popular travel periods like president's day weekend, but if you want to spend a day on a beach under the sun, these little extra dollars are worth it.

Weather In Florida In February

Weather In Florida In February

The weather in February is unpredictable because it is when winter is ending, and spring is about to start, so that winters may be late or spring may come early; overall, February is the cooler month of the year and is very dry.

February is a good time to visit Florida if you are trying to avoid high humidity and rainfall. The average February temperature ranges between 64 degrees Fahrenheit to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rainfall In Florida In February

February is considered the dry month for Florida, meaning there will be little to no rain, so if you want to enjoy outdoor activities, then it is a great month to do so. In February, the sudden rainfall will only spoil some of your plans.

According to rough estimates, the average rainfall in Florida is about 2 to 3.1 inches in February. It only rains for seven days during February. Its ratio is more in the Northern regions and less in the south.

Humidity In Florida In February

The humidity level of Florida is high throughout the year, so the environment is always humid. In February, the humidity is higher compared to the rest of the United States, but it is very low if you compare it to Florida's humidity. The humidity of Florida is between 55 to 86%, and the air is very dry. Humidity is high in the mornings around 7:00 a.m., and it is lowest in the Northern regions while higher in the Southern regions.

Water Temperature In Florida In February

In February, the water temperature of Florida ranges between 61 degrees Fahrenheit to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. In Northern Florida, the water will be too cold to swim, while in the southern region, you can do activities like swimming.

Regions like Jacksonville or Destin will have the coldest water. While on the other hand, beaches like West Palm Beach will have the highest temperature

Water Temperature In Florida In February

Daily Weather Progression In February In Florida

The weather progression could be more consistent and may fluctuate from year to year, depending on the duration of the winters. Generally, the temperature is lower in the morning and higher in the evening; the hottest hours are in the afternoon.

There is also a lot of fog in the morning, and the temperature is cooler. In the evening, the wind is higher, especially in coastal areas.

What To Pack For Spending February In Florida

The weather in February is unpredictable, but you can keep clothes for spring and summer. Packing short sandals, t-shirts, and sundresses is a must for Florida if you want to spend some time on the beach. You can also keep a sweater and jacket for a safe site because the nights may get cold.

You can also pack a bathing suit even if you need to learn how to enjoy water activities on the beach since most hotels have heated swimming pools. Lastly, remember your sunblock because you may get sunburned on the beach, even on cloudy days.

If you visit Florida with your boyfriend or fiance, keep a romantic and formal dress for Valentine's Day.

Crowd In Florida In February

In Florida, the crowd in February varies depending on the region you visit; however, generally speaking, there are few visitors during February. You may find beaches almost empty because most families are not traveling this month.

Biggest Crowd

The areas which will be found extremely crowded will be with the people who are popular with snowbirds ( These are the northern residents who stay in Florida for winter and spring).

The snowbirds usually arrive at the beginning of the winter in October and have stray hair until May. For this purpose, you may want to avoid traveling to places like

St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Naples, Fort Myers, and Hollywood, FL, because they are extremely crowded.

Rates In Florida In February

Most travelers will enjoy lower rates than the average rates for Florida hotels in February because there are very few visitors. You can get decent accommodation in Orlando, which may range between 200 to 300 dollars per night Hotels in Tampa may range from 250 to 350, while mami will cost around 300 to 500 per night.

What To Do In Florida In February

You can do many things in Florida if you are introverted because there are very few visitors at this time of year. You can enjoy the beautiful places of Florida without being in the crowd, so let's dive in and look at some of the best spots in Florida.

Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are two cities in this state considered one of the most attractive tourist sites.  If you want to enjoy white Sandy beaches and executive night, there is no better place than Miami. I highly recommend you book a hotel in n Miami Beach to enjoy the water activities and see the downtown. You can also take a boat to explore places like Little Havana and see the garden or Vizcaya Museum.

Fort Lauderdale is just half an hour from Miami, and this place is one of the best for dining and shopping. You can also book a cruise for a family day out.

Visit Ocala

Ocala is a destination in the northern area of Florida and is popular because of its horse farms and expert trainers. It is known as the world's horse capital, and the main attraction in February is a winter circle competition that starts in mid-December and ends in march.

You can enjoy horse races here, or with the help of expert trainers, you can also enjoy horse riding.

You can also enjoy the Captivating natural beauty of Silver Springs State Park and Ocala National Forest. Here are natural springs; you can enjoy them by renting glass-bottom boats.

Swim In Crystal River

If you want to swim with friendly manatees, you must take advantage of the opportunity to swim in the crystal river. Crystal River is located on the Florida nature coast, and it is the destination of manatees in February because they live in warmer waters than the ocean. The temperature of this river is about 23°C throughout the year.

You can also enjoy kayaking, fishing, and dry biking here

Swim In Crystal River

Everglades National Park

February is one of the best times to visit  Everglades National Park because there will be very few visitors, and the weather will also be favorable for outdoor activities like planning a picnic. It is the United States' largest subtropical wilderness, and many animals are habituating here. According to your choice, you can book bicycles or may go kayaking or fishing.

Diving In The Keys

February is a great month if you want to dive in the Florida Keys because the temperature is fair, and you don't feel cold. The overseas highway outfitter dot extends from key largo to key west and gives you plenty of options. The water temperature is a little cooler here, so make sure you have your wetsuit. The diving sites here are filled with aquatic animals ranging from sea turtles to deadly creatures. If you want to do reef driving, then the big pine key is one of the best points.

If you also love spearfishing, then keys are one of the best locations in the world for this sport. You can get some of the finest catches in February, like lionfish and high fish.

Visit Mountain Dora

It is a small town located in central Florida and is about 45 minutes away from Orlando. This town is popular for its antique shops. In February there are no visitors so you can enjoy yourself in a Peaceful environment.

Another reason to visit mountain Dora is the annual mountain Dora art festival, held in February on the lakeshore. Local artists and renowned creators from the country gather here at this festival, and you can purchase different things from thousand of renowned owners.

Best Florida Beaches In February

There are numerous beaches in Florida, but here we will look at some of the most popular beaches you can visit in February.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is southwest of Florida and covers Miami's regions. Fort Miami has the highest temperature of beaches in Florida, making it one of the top destinations for February visitors. The temperature of beaches is about 71° Fahrenheit.

You can visit some beaches in February: Las Olas Beach, Miami Beach, and South Beach.

Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast is near Gold Coast beaches, And its temperature ranges between 70° F and 74° F. Some of the most popular beaches of the treasure coast are West Palm and palm beach, but you can also visit Delray, Pompano, Palm Beach, and Boca Raton.

The Florida Keys

The keys are an extremely popular destination and tourist attraction throughout the year. Snowbirds and tourists are there in February at keys, so that the place will be crowded.

The average water temperature here is 71°F, and some popular regions are Key West, Key Largo, and Marathon.

Paradise Coast

This area is opposite Miami, and winter visitors' habitat is more natural. This area is ideal for snowbirds, and many events are conducted here in February. Its temperature is a little cool and is about 69°F

Some popular places are Marco Island, Naples, and Fort Myers.

Cultural Coast

It is one of the best and ideal February destinations for families. The weather and water temperature are a little cold, with an average of 64° Fahrenheit.

The best beaches are Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, and Sanibel Island. You can enjoy creational activities on these beaches, such as biking or sand diving.

Space Coast

It's located north of Orlando and is known as the home of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral and the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. This area is popular for spring destinations, and beaches could be more popular here. February is considered a cooler month with a temperature of 65°F. Some beaches you can visit here are Coast in Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, and Daytona Beach.

Sun Coast

It is in the north of the cultural Coast and shares the same weather as the cultural Coast.

Some of the best beaches in this area are Tampa Bay’s best beaches. Dunedin, Clearwater, and St. Pete Beach

If you want a ferry trip ending in a serene park, visit the Caladesi Island State Park or Honeymoon Island State Park. These areas are family-friendly, and your children will live to see giant gopher tortoises here.

First Coast

It is Florida's coolest coast and is located on the Atlantic side. Its temperature in February is 62°F, and some of the popular beaches of this coast are St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Sea Islands. St. Augustine Is the oldest city in Florida, and it has many landmarks you can explore. Here you can visit Castillo de San Marcos fort and many other parks. There are also many museums here, so if you are interested in history, this place is heaven on earth.

Emerald Coast

The emerald coast makes the panhandle from Pensacola to Tallahassee region and is one of the coldest coasts of Florida.  The temperature here can be as low as 16 degree Celsius in February. The lower temperature doesn't mean you can't enjoy the emerald cost. There are many areas, such as Pensacola, South Walton, and Panama City, where you can enjoy your holidays. You can't enjoy swimming here, but you can do other recreational activities such as visiting state parks and goals courses.

Events During The Month Of Florida

Many events in Florida are conducted during February, and they are designed for all types of audiences. Here we have listed some of the best events in February that you can enjoy with your family or partner.

Baseball Spring Training Games

February is the time of the month when many North Eastern baseball teams come to Florida for this spring training because it is the only state where there is no snowfall during February. It is known as the grapefruit league, and each team makes a home away from home in different cities of the sunshine state. There will be multiple popular baseball teams, such as New York, the Yankees, Boston, the red socks, and many others. You can check their schedule to see if they are playing in your location, and you can enjoy the match.

Florida State Fair

This festival is held every year in Tampa at the area of fairgrounds. This event lasts 12 days, with activities like carnival rides, games, local and international food, and other entertainment. For someone who loves shopping, there are also many exhibitions where you can buy your favorite products. You will surely enjoy an agriculture exhibition with more than 5000 animals if you are a pet lover.

If you want to know about Florida destinations and events at other times of the year, then look at Best Times To Visit Florida.

Florida Strawberry Festival

The strawberry season in Florida starts in February and ends in March, and with the beginning of the strawberry season, Florida strawberry festivals start. This festival is conducted in the plant city in Central Florida because here, some of the best strawberry farms are located. There are the yummiest strawberries in America at this festival, and activities like rides, games, concerts, and strawberry-based desserts.

Florida Strawberry Festival

Valentine’s Day

This may be your most romantic day if you are traveling with your boyfriend or husband. There are different destinations, and all have decorations and events planned for Valentine's Day. If you are trying to book a hotel, make sure to book early because hotels are booked before Valentine'sDay. In addition to eating and drinking wine, there are many other recreational games that you can enjoy with your partners.


Can you swim in Florida in February?

Yes, the water temperature in February is pretty warm. It may be cool towards the Northern region. Still, the water temperature is hot in the southern region, and you can easily enjoy swimming and other recreational activities.

What are the best areas to visit in Florida in February?

Miami is one of the best areas to visit in Florida in February. It has the highest temperature and many recreational activities which are tourist based.

Is there any snowfall in Florida in February?

No, in most cases, there is no snowfall in Florida in February.


February is the time of the year when spring starts in Florida. Florida in February is much hotter than the other states, and if you are a fan of swimming and other recreational activities at the beach, then it is the best time of the year to visit. The temperature is not very hot. Also, many other recreational activities and events are happening in Disney World and Orlando. Just make sure to pack your items wisely and look at this article so you know where to visit and how to save your maximum money.

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