The main things you must know before comparing these two airlines are the differences between JetBlue Airways and American Airlines. In terms of customer service and comfortable seating, JetBlue is the winner, but American Airlines is better for international and domestic flights.

Although this isn’t enough to justify which airline to choose, we have shared a detailed comparison between them and significant differences to help you make an informed decision for your future flights.

Jetblue Vs. American Airlines - Company Profile

JetBlue, founded in 2000, is an independent airline that mainly focuses on comfort and advanced technology to facilitate passengers an enjoyable flight. In America, this is the 7th largest airline and is considered one of the low-cost airlines. With the continuous growth, JetBlue has now shifted its base operation from New York to Los Angeles.

On the other hand, American Airlines established its foundation in 1962 as a mail carrier. After a decade, it took a huge turn to start operations carrying passengers from Chicago to New York. It offers commercial flights with over a thousand commercial airplanes, which is considered the largest fleet in the whole world.

Jetblue Vs. American Airlines - A Detailed Comparison

Before buying tickets for your flight, it is important to know which airline will suit you best to meet your travel needs, safety concerns, and budget. So, here we have compared all the facilities, services, programs, pricing, and everything which can help you in your journey. So check out the key differences in terms of benefits and downsides.

Pricing & Additional Charges

The first and most essential aspect of flying in an airplane is the pricing of tickets, baggage, and extra charges.

JetBlue has varying ticket prices among different classes to allow individuals to choose the price suitable for their budget. The baseline for airfare can cost around $259 on the East Coast, cross-country costs $525, and a South America trip costs $765. This Blue Basic JetBlue pricing includes one personal item, one carry-on luggage, no seat selection, cancellation, and last on board. The other fare options are:

  • Over Blue Basic; Blue is $30 for seat selection and general boarding
  • Over Blue is Blue Plus at $60 with one checked bag, advanced seat, and general boarding
  • Blue Extra for about $100 with early boarding
  • Mint for over $100 for Premium seating.
Pricing & Additional Charges

American airlines have a standard booking system which is divided into different prices. The round trip near the East Coast can cost $240, for cross country $400, and an average of $500 for South America. The classes are

  • Basic Economy, at the lowest cost, allows one carry-on bag, one personal item, advance seating, and general boarding.
  • Main Cabin includes one extra checked bag.
  • Main Cabin Extra costs an additional $20 for legroom
  • Premium Economy costs over $300 with several facilities such as WiFi, exclusive meals, beverages, and additional comfort options
  • Business class costs an additional $1000, providing access to Flagship Lounge
  • First Class at $500 offers with almost similar facilities.

Flight Experience

JetBlue facilitates passengers with live TV, headrest, tray tables, and cozy seating. The Mint option provides Premium Seating at large, comfortable seats that offer an area for lying down. The massage feature makes everything more relaxing. Various foods, wine, and cocktails are also delivered in a fancy environment.

American airlines’ main cabin has smaller legroom, but improvements have been introduced. The Business, First, and Premium Economy classes also offer a great experience of coziness and comfort. You get an amenities bag, sleeping blankets, eye masks, and special foods prepared by professional chefs. But some recent reports have complained, all contrary to what was represented and told at first.

So before spending money on all luxury during travel, you must know which airline to spend your money on.

Availability For Different Destinations

JetBlue regularly sends flyers on over 1000 flights. While there is almost 267 aircraft present currently in its fleet. The major domestic travel destinations are Eastern United States, New York, Washington DC, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale. The farthest international destinations are Bangkok, Toronto, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. In contrast, overall world spots are Europe, Pakistan, UAE, South Africa, Kuwait, Bahrain, Peru, the Caribbean, Ecuador, and Colombia.

On the other hand, American sends 6800 regular flyers, and its current fleet is 864. The domestic destinations travel via American airlines are 95 in the US, mainly in Fallas and all around the country. It offers flying over more international destinations that are almost 95 around the globe in 55 varying countries on five continents.

Aircraft & Baggage Safety

Both airlines are completely safe in terms of aircraft safety, and JetBlue has never faced fatal crashes. However, being the larger airline, American aircraft were hijacked 17 times and crashed in 2001, killing all the passengers.

Aircraft & Baggage Safety

While for baggage safety, both airlines strictly follow the rules and regulations set by TSA. JetBlue has certain initiatives for health safety, such as the requirement for wearing masks at the airports and on planes, touchless bag checking, and assistance in finding testing options.

In contrast, American airline has initiatives for sanitizer dispensers, amenity kits, HEPA filters for fresh air, social distancing, touchless interactions, and masks for face covering.

Frequent Flyer Programs

JetBlue offers a straightforward regular flyer program which is beneficial for many travelers. The reward program is called TrueBlue, which gives you 2 points for each dollar you spend buying tickets. In the meantime, you earn a free-flying ticket with multiple other benefits such as more points on each flight, no fee for cancellation, early boarding, free checked bags, and alcoholic drinks.

American Airlines has a frequent flyer program which is also known as AAdvantage Program. The members get points for discounts on vacation packages, cars, hotels, and cruises. A credit card is also offered to travelers to buy things other than flying tickets.

Which Is Best to Choose? Jetblue Vs. American Airlines

Considering all the differences, which airline seems better to you? JetBlue and American Airlines have certain advantages and disadvantages, which are further narrowed down to individual needs and budgets.

Which Is Best to Choose? Jetblue Vs. American Airlines

However, you must choose JetBlue airways if you want more legroom, unlimited snacks, free WiFi, coast-to-coast fly, the best domestic first class, and live TV.

But if you want to fly on one of the world's largest airlines, American is best. This airline also offers seamless integration, simple flight to major world cities, a comfortable environment, and a luxurious lounge that you may not find in JetBlue.

Final Thoughts

Comparing JetBlue vs. American Airlines, you can go for JetBlue if you want general travel and trips around the East Coast. But American is highly recommended for cross-country and international destinations. Also, American Airlines offers a larger route network, more points to redeem, credit card options, and several other benefits you can’t get with JetBlue.

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